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Letter: Write in for Dean

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Mass For Dean is running a series of write-in candidates for the Cambridge Democratic City Committee and Democratic State Committee in open seats. All of the candidates will appear on the March 2 ballot. If you are a Howard Dean supporter, you can "vote three times for Dean" - once in the presidential primary, once for his local supporter for Democratic State Committee, and once for his local supporters for Democratic City Committee.

The list of Mass For Dean candidates in Cambridge appears below. We will update the list on our Web site (www.deanvolunteers.org/massfordean/election.htm); our formal endorsements will appear there after Feb. 27. The City Committee seats appear on the Democratic ballot on the right-hand side, after the presidential section and after the State Committee section. Every ward allows 20 candidates and there are blank lines for candidates after the slate of ballot candidates. Every ward in Cambridge has an incomplete slate except Ward 11, and in Ward 11 we are, therefore, not running any write-in candidates. We have one write-in candidate for State Committee in Mid-Cambridge, where there is also an open seat. We would appreciate your vote at all levels.

Why vote for Howard Dean now that he's withdrawn from the race? First, if we get 15 percent of the vote, we get to send a delegate to the July convention. That delegate can vote for platform issues which are Dean-friendly. Second, it gives Dean more of a voice at the convention. And third, it makes a statement that Dean supporters are keeping the grassroots movement alive post-candidacy.

Following is the Mass For Dean list for Democratic State Committee:

  • Lesley Phillips, write-in candidate for the four-year female seat for Democratic State Committee in Middlesex/Suffolk/Essex state Senate district (Mid-Cambridge and East Cambridge). The female seat appears after the male seat, which is a separate race.

Following is the Mass For Dean list of write-ins for Democratic City Committee:

  • Ward 3 (Inman/East Cambridge) - Avi Green, Will Hafer, Edward Coda;

  • Ward 4 (Mid-Cambridge) - Mary Lou Mehrling;

  • Ward 5 (Mid-Cambridge) - Betsey Gardstein, Matt DeBergalis;

  • Ward 6 (Inman/Mid-Cambridge) - Eduardo Cardenas, Linda Sophia Pinti, Sam Seidel, Eric Weltman, Paula Gutlove;

  • Ward 7 (Agassiz) - Joseph Levy;

  • Ward 10 (North Cambridge) - Sally Chapman - Andrea Hurley

  • Ward 11 (North Cambridge) - Laura Carmen Arena is seeking Associate Membership without a write-in campaign because ward slate is full. Laura has been active in multicultural issues and education. She's a Latina immigrant who has experience as a community organizer, an ESL instructor and a counselor to immigrants. In Cambridge, she directed a community school, which included a children's afterschool program. Please check our Web site (www.MassForDean.org) for an update before election day. If you would like to be added to the list, please contact us via the Web site or by phone at 617-547-DEAN. And please come visit our office in Central Square - 605 Massachusetts Ave. (near Essex Street).